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Tonttu Milla

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The season change has been so rapid at this time of the year. In the forest you can see quite a few mushrooms are growing. And the blueberries. You can eat fresh while picking. Making blueberry pie is everybody’s home tradition. Full of blueberries in your mouth and around the mouth.


My Books

アンカー 1
Tonttu Milla and Her Friends

This is a story of the tonttu who live in the farthest northern part of Finland. Tonttu Milla is the smallest tonttu. She has many friends, tonttus and animals. 

It’s away after lunch, Tonttu Milla has not come to eat lunch. Her big brother, Tonttu Matti is getting worried. So he goes to find her. Where is Tonttu Milla?


Who are the tonttus?

アンカー 2

The tonttus are Santa Claus’s helpers. They all live on Mt. Korvatunturi, in Lapland in northern Finland with Santa Claus. They are many families among the tonttu community and they help each other every day. Their biggest task of the year is to help everything for Santa Claus to deliver presents to every child in the whole world on Christmas Day. Some tonttus read children’s letters to Santa Claus to make a long list of their wishes, some prepare for all kinds of toys, even some go out to check if children are doing good or not when Christmas comes near. Of course, tonttus pile up the presents in the sleigh and take a good care of reindeers, too. It is such a huge task and it requires all the tonttus’ hard works and corporations throughout the year. 

Height: about 15cm


  • Wear red pointed hat

  • Born with a magic spoon

  • Respect Santa Claus

  • Help Santa Claus

  • Invisible but stay everywhere 

  • Protect children all the time

  • Enjoy the nature


Main characters

アンカー 3

Tonttu Milla

The smallest tonttu in the village, loves singing.


Santa Claus

Loves every child in the world. His happiness is to see children’s smiles. If a child is happy, he is happier.


Tonttu Matti

Milla’s big brother. Cares about Milla a lot. Excellent cook.


Tonttu Susanna

Full of curiosity. Good leader and organizer.


Meow Meow, the Cat

Has his own ways and manners. Quite talkative and nosy. He takes a nap quite often.


Petan, the Owl

Knowledgeable. Overseeing and observing what is going on Mr. Korvatunturi.


Marimpa, the Rabbit

Reliable and trustworthy. Always gives Milla a ride on the back when necessary.


Toto, the Mole

Speaks fast and constantly busy moving underground.



Every tonttu is born with a magic spoon. It can make things happen when you wish hard from the bottom of your heart  to help others.

Tonttu Milla’s Theme
Tonttu Milla themeTonttu Milla
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music composed by ©︎Matti Kallio,2017.


Illustrator and writers

アンカー 4

Photo: Marcos Katz

Liisa Kallio

Picture book writer, illustrator. Received Kylli Koski Award in 2010.

Lives in Helsinki, Finland. ‘One of her representative picture books is ‘Pikku Papu’ series, which enjoy a great reputation among the children in Finland. Related concerts and workshops are held as well. ‘Tonttu Milla and Her Friends’ has a support from Finnish Illustration Association.

Message from Liisa

Hi, I am Liisa Kallio. I made this book with Hiroko. I hope you like the pictures. Greeting from Finland.

Hiroko Sakomura

Producer of cultural events, international art exhibitions. Last 30 years, has organized many cultural projects between Finland and Japan. Engaged in cross-cultural education as well. Published quite a few books and translated books. The motto is ‘Individuality is valued. Diversity in society is important. Don’t be afraid of being different from others. But be aware that everything and everyone is intertwined.’

Message from Hiroko

Hello! I am Hiroko Sakomura. I hope you’ll become a good friend of Tonttu Milla.

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